Video Transfer

Video Transfer DVD VHS DV Hi8
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We can transfer just about anything to DVD:

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Item First Second
VHS/VHS-C to DVD $21.95 $15.95
Hi8/8mm tape/Super8 Video to DVD $21.95 $15.95
DV Tape to DVD $21.95 $15.95
DVD to DVD $15.95 $15.95
DVD(Premium)-2 or more tape on one DVD $69.95 $15.95
8mm to DVD-$0.20 per linear foot + $28.95 $15.95
16mm to DVD-$0.25 per linear foot + $28.95 $15.95
(Pal)VHS to (Pal)DVD $75.00 $15.95
(NTSC)VHS to (Pal)DVD $89.95 $15.95
DVD to MP4 $10.95 No Charge

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