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Artwork Scanning Laguna Beach
Service Description

We use a combination of latest state of the art digital medium format camera, scanner, and high-quality lights to scan or photograph the original artwork. We have the ability to generate file sizes from 500 MB to 1500 MB for making high-quality reproductions (giclee), archival purposes, or online use.

The second step is to edit and color correct the file using the latest computer software to ensure an accurate final version to the artist’s specifications. After editing, we print an 8×10 proof, per request, onto a matching media with original artwork for final verification. When the proof is approved, the files are delivered.

We are ICC compliant from shooting to output, working within a closed loop system to insure the highest quality possible. With over 30 Years of experience we can bring out the color, details and subtle nuances that are embedded in your own art.

We take pride in our ability to deliver you a top quality product.

Notice! Please bring in your original artwork to have your price for this service. Artworks with gold, silver, acrylic and alcohol paints will increase the scanning price.

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